A Calculated Life – Anne Charnock

Twitter is a wonderful thing, by following authors I enjoy reading they sometimes mention books they themselves are enjoying and this is how I found this great read.

Set in a dystopian near future the main heroine is one of a super intelligent ‘people’ bred specifically for roles in industry. Against this there are also those privileged humans who have intelligence implants and those less fortunate left to live in the slums outside of the large conurbations and do the more menial jobs of society. The pure bred intelligents are segregated from the rest of the population all living together forming relationships between themselves, however the story tells of the heroine who finds herself discovering human nature and forming more human relationships outside of her own ‘kind’.

This is a great read, you really get into the mind of the heroine and feel with her as she ‘develops’. No spoilers but the ending is an excellently thought out conclusion. This is certainly one book that would translate to the screen really well, you never know, I keep my fingers crossed!